3 awesome plays you missed from Chiefs’ first preseason game

3 awesome plays you missed from Chiefs' first preseason game

The game didn’t count, yet this Kansas City Chiefs preseason features sure were magnificent.

In spite of playing on a field that was effectively attempting to hurt everybody, the Kansas City Chiefs played fine and dandy in their most memorable preseason round of the mid-year versus the Chicago Bears.

It very well might be called Soldier Field for additional nostalgic reasons, yet there was nothing wistful about the “grass” seeming to be the University of Tennessee was accountable for dealing with it. Regardless of whether the old neighborhood Bears were successful in a game that won’t count, the Chiefs set forth a few beneficial things on film, far prettier than the bizarre playing surface they needed to manage throughout the evening.

With the two knees still unblemished, Patrick Mahomes and the young men can return to Arrowhead in one piece.

While you were keeping an eye on your grass better compared to Lori Lightfoot at any point could, here are the three Chiefs features you really want to watch prior to wandering over to the water cooler at work on Monday.

Kansas City Chiefs: Highlights from the preseason game vs the Chicago Bears

3. Patrick Mahomes tracks down The Bulldozer for a smooth six focuses prior to bowing out

Mahomes finished six-of-seven passes for 60 yards and a score pass to tight end Blake Bell prior to baking in the warm Chicago sun on a hot Saturday evening. The Bears may be the most horrendously awful group in football, so it was great to see Mahomes do what he does and cut up cannon feed prior to being the top dog that he is uninvolved. The Bears got Belldozed for sure!

2. Skyy Moore was toe-tapping like a master in his most memorable expert round of sorts2

While Shane Buechele got the greater part of the run at quarterback for Kansas City in this game, look at newbie wide collector Skyy Moore getting in on a portion of that toe-tapping activity. The previous Western Michigan star is supposed to do huge things in a Kansas City uniform. He might have played at a little school, yet he is showing he can become showbiz royalty plays when his group needs him to.

1. Justin Reid hits PAT in spite of the field being more terrible than a place of graduation’s football crew

This is the very thing preseason games are about. Justin Reid could get by playing security, however he will always remember making the additional point in a game that didn’t count. Well, this field was in comparably awful of shape as Reid’s place of graduation’s football crew over in Palo Alto, however the idea counts. While it may not be Stanford’s maxim, the possibility that counts ought to be someone’s.

Eventually, what difference does it make? The Chiefs realize they will be a cart in the AFC again this season. Mahomes is still Mahomes and he is as yet being instructed up by grand Andy Reid. While it could be critical that the modest Bears didn’t shrivel up and pass on their field that was most likely undependable enough to have an outing on, basically football is back in our lives. Week 1 will be here soon enough.

“You see that Justin Reid fellow kick an additional point on Saturday?” “Definitely, let me fill you in regarding it.”

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