4 Chicago Bears players who earned a roster spot in Preseason Week 1

4 Chicago Bears players who earned a roster spot in Preseason Week 1

The Chicago Bears procured a 19-14 triumph over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1 of the preseason, and four players probably got program spots with their exhibitions.

Solider Field’s turf is and keeps on being one of the most horrendously terrible in the NFL, yet basically the Chicago Bears got a success on it against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Saturday’s 19-14 triumph is a piece better as besides the fact that head instructed Matt Eberflus get a “W,” yet Matt Nagy, presently with the Chiefs, leaves with an “L.”

All things considered, it truly doesn’t make any difference who dominated the match. What makes a difference is who did what’s needed to guarantee that when the preseason wedding trip is finished, who will have moved on from the intense instructional course program and procured a spot on the 53-man list.

The Chicago Bears crushed the Kansas City Chiefs 19-14, and four players stuck out, procuring themselves list spots after the preseason

Typically, you search for three players who stick out and establish a decent connection. All things considered, in this game, it was four players for the Bears who, whenever offered a chance, made plays over the course of their experience on the field and performed alright to show both Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles that they are valuable around.

Truly, one game doesn’t naturally set your spot, yet playing great allows you a preferred opportunity over the off chance that you played terribly. The main thing, nonetheless, for the preseason as well as this season, as a rule, is the development and improvement of Justin Fields.

Having a decent safeguard might fill the old-fashioned hearts, yet that period is finished. Face the truth, maybe. That may not be what the Bears are about yet show some signs of life. It is tied in with having a world-class offense and a sufficient safeguard that will eventually prompt achievement. Fortunately for the Bears, there were a few decent hostile players that contrasted with the Chiefs, and indeed, there were a couple of cautious players who paid heed too.

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