Browns players clearly don’t understand what Deshaun Watson did wrong

Browns players clearly don’t understand what Deshaun Watson did wrong

Joel Bitonio’s terrible statement implies Cleveland Browns are as yet ignorant regarding Deshaun Watson.

Assuming there was any expectation that the Cleveland Browns comprehended the seriousness of Deshaun Watson’s past activities, Joel Bitonio eliminated all uncertainty with the most musically challenged statement in a long while.

In the wake of getting booed determinedly by all of Duval County in their most memorable preseason round of the late spring versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bitonio attempted to turn this into minimal more than Cleveland versus Everybody babble.

It isn’t exactly the same thing as being booed by your fans with sacks on their heads subsequent to going 0-16.

The last time we saw a group be this detested, the Houston Astros got found banging garbage bins.

Joel Bitonio gives the most musically challenged statement ever over Deshaun Watson’s wreck
Do you understand what the outright disgrace in everything is? Bitonio is hauling the extraordinary individuals of Cleveland into the blazing heap of s**t that is this football establishment. In the event that Jimmy Haslam could loot drivers’ daze, obviously, he could give a sexual stalker an exceptional, completely ensured agreement to join his group since what is a disgrace, truly? To pull for another group, have the opportunity and willpower.

Obviously, not all players will gab rotting gibberish to a very much regarded beat journalist, however, they all found a new line of work to do. This was a group seen as having a best six program in all of the football entering last season. Since losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2020 AFC Divisional Round, the Browns have by and by being what they generally are in many years: A dumpster fire.

Despite the fact that they might in any case have the ability to make the end-of-the-season games, they are not getting any new fans this year. Will players begin to think Boo is their name like Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird? They can make an honest effort to block them out, however, they don’t have the hierarchical security to explore such a ceaseless invasion of cynicism they are going to persevere. It will be thus, so terrible…

For hell’s sake, we should not print out brown and orange “Cleveland vs Everybody” shirts this year.

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