The Week previews Pepsi NFL Super Bowl LV 2021 Halftime Show

The Week previews Pepsi NFL Super Bowl LV 2021 Halftime Show

Super Bowl LV between the Chiefs and Buccaneers is set for Sunday night, which implies The Weeknd’s Pepsi Halftime Show is likewise quick drawing nearer. The current year’s down will be not quite the same as those of years past, as the Covid pandemic has made the NFL make acclimations to everything from media day to the distribution of tickets and everything in the middle.

The Weeknd has made changes to the ordinary halftime show look, as well, taking the presentation from the field to the stands.

Super Bowl LV happens this Sunday, and you can watch it for nothing on the CBS Sports App.

The Weeknd met with the media in front of Super Bowl LV to give a review of what fans can anticipate come Sunday.

“Because of COVID and for the security of the players and the laborers we sort of fabricated the stage inside the arena and we’re utilizing the field too however we needed to sort of accomplish something that we’ve never done,” he said. “So we constructed the stage in the arena however I’m not going to disclose to you whatever else, on the grounds that you’ll need to watch on Sunday.”

He wouldn’t give an excess of away, however gave fans enough to be charmed and speculate a few suppositions into what an in-stand halftime show could resemble.

Fans can probably expect significantly more shocks when the day really comes.

The Weeknd was inquired as to whether he will fuse a portion of the storyline he has been making for the most recent year. He said he would remain direct, however would keep it PG.

He added that he doesn’t “prefer to coddle the crowd” so he trusts they will actually want to get on his storyline.

The Weeknd talked about his #1 Super Bowl execution, saying he cherished Prince, Michael Jackson and Beyonce, however his unsurpassed most loved is Diana Ross.

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