Abbey Holmes joins prestigious AFL All-Australian selection panel

Abbey Holmes joins prestigious AFL All-Australian selection panel

Abbey Holmes, a name synonymous with trailblazing and insightful analysis, has added another remarkable achievement to her already impressive resume. The former AFLW premiership player and current commentator for Channel Seven has been appointed to the highly regarded AFL All-Australian selection panel, marking a significant moment for both her and the competition.

Holmes, who played a pivotal role in the Adelaide Crows’ inaugural AFLW premiership win in 2017, has transitioned seamlessly into the media landscape, earning recognition for her astute observations and engaging commentary. This appointment signifies not only her expertise in the game but also a crucial step towards greater diversity and inclusion within the selection process.

Replacing a Legend, Stepping into History

Holmes fills the vacancy left by Cameron Ling, the former Geelong Cats captain who stepped down after serving on the panel for 11 years. Ling’s contributions to the selection process are widely lauded, and his dedication is acknowledged by the AFL. However, Holmes’ appointment brings a fresh perspective and a unique set of experiences to the table.

A Career Forged in Excellence

Prior to her foray into media, Holmes established herself as an exceptional player. Drafted by the Adelaide Crows in 2017, she played a vital role in their historic premiership win, showcasing her talent and resilience throughout the inaugural season. This playing experience, coupled with her ongoing engagement with the sport through commentary, provides her with a valuable understanding of the game from both on and off the field.

AFL Welcomes Holmes, Recognizes Her Value

The AFL’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Dillon, expressed his enthusiasm regarding Holmes’ appointment. He highlighted her decorated playing career, her extensive experience as a commentator, and her ability to analyze the game at a granular level. Dillon emphasized the value Holmes brings to the panel, stating that her contributions will be “incredibly valuable in selecting the best-performed players of the 2024 season.”

Beyond the Game: A Step Towards Greater Inclusion

Holmes’ appointment transcends individual merit and carries broader significance. With Laura Kane already on the panel, Holmes becomes the second female member, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive selection process. This move reflects the AFL’s commitment to fostering an environment that represents the diverse voices and perspectives present within the sport.

Beyond the Stereotypes: A Voice Shaping the Future

Holmes’ presence on the panel serves as a powerful message, particularly for aspiring female players and commentators. It demonstrates that excellence and expertise can pave the way for significant roles, challenging the traditional stereotypes often associated with the sport. Her journey serves as an inspiration, encouraging young girls to not only dream of playing but also pursuing other avenues within the AFL ecosystem.

Looking Ahead: A Season Filled with Anticipation

As the 2024 Toyota AFL Premiership Season gets underway, the anticipation surrounding the All-Australian team selection intensifies. With the inclusion of Abbey Holmes, the selection process promises to be even more insightful and engaging. Her unique blend of playing experience, astute analysis, and commitment to inclusivity will undoubtedly contribute to a well-rounded and comprehensive selection of the best players throughout the season.


Abbey Holmes’ appointment to the AFL All-Australian selection panel marks a significant milestone in her career and for the sport itself. It represents a recognition of her expertise, a step towards greater diversity, and an inspiration for future generations. As the 2024 season unfolds, all eyes will be on Holmes and her fellow panelists as they navigate the selection process, ultimately shaping the narrative of who will be crowned the best players of the year.