New York Giants - Week 13 Storylines to Watch

Here is your first glance at a portion of the creating storylines in front of the New York Giants Week 13 game against the Miami Dolphins.

However enticing as it could be to need to clutch the glimmer of the Giants’ success over the Eagles, there are even more games to be played this season, what begins this end of the week against the Miami Dolphins.

One of the numerous storylines this end of the week will be the arrival of Giants cautious organizer Patrick Graham, who served in similar job for Dolphins lead trainer (and previous Patriots compadre Brian Flores) in 2019 preceding taking the leap toward the Giants under lead trainer Joe Judge (another Belichick instructing former student).

It could make for an off-kilter “gathering” of sorts. In any case, Flores shed some light on his relationship with Graham, whom he called an incredible companion of his, and why he didn’t hold up traffic of Graham’s leaving the New York Giants for an advancement with the Giants that incorporated the associate lead trainer title notwithstanding cautious facilitator.

“From a football instructing stance, we’re a larger number of siblings than anything. So I have a great deal of regard for him,” Flores said.

“I could never disrupt the general flow of someone doing something that they needed to do. That was something that Pat needed to do. I’m continually going to help him.”

Here is a glance at a portion of the other arising storylines in front of the Giants’ Week 13 game at Miami.

What Will the Offense Look Like This Week?

Last week we saw a couple of minor changes made by new hostile play-guest Freddie Kitchens in spite of a short week of work that likewise had an occasion wrapped up the center.

With a run of the mill week ahead, Judge said that the offense would keep on developing yet not to anticipate huge changes.

“I think as we go through the rest of the period, there will be a tad of advancement just with the utilization of our players and the characters of a portion of the mentors inside the play calling and the improvement of the course of action will likely come on out,” Judge said.

“I’m not going to stay here and let you know that it will be flipped on its head promptly, however throughout the process of things working out that will normally happen.”

Daniel Jones’s Status

Late Tuesday, news broke that quarterback Daniel Jones experienced a stressed neck in the Giants prevail upon the Eagles Sunday and that he would likely miss the game against the Dolphins since he’s viewed as week-to-week.

For sure, that was not something the training staff was anticipating. The New York Giants will turn reinforcement quarterback Mike Glennon assuming Jones is precluded true to form. However, the Giants additionally must be worried about exactly how long Jones may wind up missing with this most recent injury that came when he took a stab at running the ball.

Jones is an extreme child – he ricocheted back from a Week 5 blackout that left him woozy and incapable to stroll under his own power and was right back under community for the Week 6 game. Be that as it may, since this is one more head/neck injury, the New York Giants will be extra cautious prior to putting Jones out there, regardless of whether he demands he’s inclination all set.

Who Else is Coming Back?

The injury circumstance has made this season like a round of who’s in and who’s out. Last week, beneficiaries Kadarius Toney and Sterling Shepard and tight finishes Kyle Rudolph, and Kaden Smith were out.

It’s too early to say assuming any of the four will be back this week, however it’s anything but a stretch to believe that the Giants might want to give whoever is under focus the fullest conceivable deck of cards.

Can the Giants Stack Up the Wins?

The Giants haven’t won consecutive games since last season when they won four straight between Weeks 9 and 13 (they had a bye week in the midst of that stretch).

With the New York Giants still especially in the season finisher chase – they’re one game out of being in reach of the seventh seed- – they need to begin stacking wins together assuming they’re to make that push.

Will Saquon Be Saquon?

Saquon Barkley has been back for two games subsequent to missing four games with a lower leg injury that will require the group to deal with his training reps for the remainder of the period.

While Barkley has been useful – in his two games back, he’s hurried multiple times for 65 yards- – there is still some faltering to his game.

“I definitely realize I can do it,” Barkley said after last week’s success against the Eagles. “I realize I will keep on improving and better every week and every day. Keep on confiding in myself, trust my body, yet I know dislike – what’s the Space Jam beast’s name – dislike something came and recently removed everything from him. I’ve actually got it. I’ve recently got to do it more.”

In case the Giants are to leave on the impossible run for the end of the season games, they will require Barkley to knock off what’s left of the rust and be a similar powerful power he was as a freshman.

Can the Defense Rattle Tua?

Last week, the New York Giants shook Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, who submitted three interferences. This week, they’re confronting one more youthful quarterback in Tua Tagovailoa, who, as indicated by Pro Football Focus, is similarly as powerless against committing errors when under tension.

Tagovailoa has been constrained on 33.7 percent of his dropbacks this year. He’s finished 53.5 percent of those pass endeavors when under tension for two scores and has five interferences.

The Giants guard has been intensely hot of late, recording 11 action items and 11 sacks while holding adversaries to 15.2 focuses per game (regardless of the 30 focuses scored by the Bucs). Assuming the Giants can make a big difference for that energy, it could make for a long evening for Tagovailoa.