Jana Kramer said Travis Kelce is “constantly intoxicated” and a terrible impact on Taylor Quick – – yet she should be J Lo to Mariah Carey for him … because he doesn’t actually have any acquaintance with her.

Sources associated with Travis tell TMZ … he’s shocked by her provocative remarks about him on her digital broadcast – – where she described him as a wild partier and as somebody who helped her to remember an ex … in a not so great kind of way.

We’re informed Travis has never met Jana … furthermore, before Tuesday, he was curious about her at all – – despite the fact that she’s actually renowned from her “One Tree Slope” days, and so forth.

Anyway … our sources let us know Travis thinks Jana is blowing hot air just to stand out for her case, which – – in light of everything we’re said to individuals in his reality have found out about her – – is not all bad. Jana has somewhat of a past filled with openly name-dropping/hauling celebs.

She accomplished something almost identical last year, when she considered Brody Jenner the “most horrible” date she’d been on … no doubt there’s a history of her somewhat pooping on different stars.

Our sources let us know Travis and co. feel like this is only business as usual … furthermore, that she just summoned his name to clout-pursue – – and all over, you could contend it worked. Her comments got gotten wide by loads of news sources … yet, we’re informed Travis isn’t paying it any brain.

With respect to the genuine analysis that Travis parties a ton … what will be will be, we assume. The person’s partaking in his offseason, and better believe it – – he surely prefers to live it up. Same for Taylor.

There are some that vibe Taylor is, as a matter of fact, drinking more these days as her relationship with Travis goes on – – yet hello, these are developed people and they can pursue their own choices. Concerning Jana showing up … it’s unmistakable the way in which TK feels – – hold it to your damn self, woman!

Protected to say … there’s a lot of bad blood here.