How to watch 2024 Super Bowl LVIII (58) Live without cable on Hulu, YouTube TV & more

The Super Bowl, the pinnacle of American football, is just around the corner. But if you’ve ditched cable and haven’t figured out how to watch the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs, fear not! This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to enjoy the game without subscribing to traditional cable TV.

The Big Picture:

Super Bowl LVIII airs on Sunday, February 11th, 2024, at 6:30 PM ET on CBS. Luckily, several streaming services offer CBS, allowing you to watch the game live without cable. Additionally, specific channels will provide alternative broadcasts, catering to different preferences.

Your Cord-Cutting Options:

  1. Paramount+:

Price: $5.99/month for the Essential plan, which includes live CBS in most markets.
Pros: Affordable, includes other CBS content, free trial available (check current duration).
Cons: Limited channel selection compared to other options, some local CBS markets unavailable.

  1. YouTube TV:

Price: $72.99/month (currently offering a $10 discount for the first 3 months).
Pros: Extensive channel selection, unlimited cloud DVR, includes sports channels like NFL Network.
Cons: Most expensive option, may offer more channels than you need.

  1. Hulu with Live TV:

Price: $77.99/month (includes Disney+ and ESPN+).
Pros: Bundles Disney+ and ESPN+, includes local CBS in most markets, cloud DVR included.
Cons: More expensive than Paramount+, may not offer all the sports channels you desire.

  1. FuboTV:

Price: $80/month for the Starter plan.
Pros: Extensive sports channel selection, includes NFL Network and other sports channels.
Cons: Most expensive option, may offer more channels than you need.

  1. DirecTV Stream:

Price: $80/month for the Entertainment plan.
Pros: Extensive channel selection, includes local CBS in most markets, cloud DVR included.
Cons: Most expensive option, may offer more channels than you need.

Bonus Option: Free Over-the-Air (OTA) Broadcast:

If you live in an area with good reception, you can watch the Super Bowl for free with an antenna. Antennas are relatively inexpensive and connect to your TV to receive local channels, including CBS.

Things to Consider:

Local Market: Ensure the streaming service you choose offers CBS in your local market. You can check channel availability on each service’s website.

Free Trials: Take advantage of free trial periods offered by some services to watch the Super Bowl without paying. Remember to cancel before the trial ends to avoid charges.

Device Compatibility: Make sure your streaming service is compatible with your preferred devices (TV, computer, phone, etc.).
Internet Speed: Ensure your internet connection is strong enough to stream live video without buffering. A minimum of 8 Mbps is recommended, with 16 Mbps ideal for 4K streaming.

Alternative Broadcasts:

Spanish-Language: Watch the game in Spanish on Univision.
Kid-Friendly: Catch a special, family-friendly broadcast on Nickelodeon.
Beyond the Game:

Many streaming services offer additional features like cloud DVR, allowing you to record the game and watch it later. Additionally, some services offer on-demand content related to the Super Bowl, including interviews, highlights, and documentaries.


With a little planning, you can enjoy the Super Bowl without the hassle and expense of cable. Choose the option that best suits your needs and budget, grab your snacks, and get ready for an exciting game!